Bear — Gone

I am deeply disappointed with the Bear. This is why… To keep it short — all my notes are gone (though it is all my fault). I am probably spoilt with everything being synced through iCloud, so I assumed Bear notes are too. Well, they’re not.

How it started

Recently I had some problems with my MacBook — swollen battery. In the past I would definitely sell my current MacBook “as is” and buy I new one. But usually this is because I didn’t buy top of the range MacBook. This time though I decided against it for two main reasons:

  1. New MacBook in the same top configuration costs A LOT.
  2. And though it costs a lot and has all new RAM (thought limited to 16GB), all new CPU, all new Graphics and a lot of things that are all new, I won’t notice the difference in the performance. Simply because I barely notice my current MacBook at work — everything is blazingly fast and that’s in Late 2013 MacBook Pro.

So instead I went to the official Apple Service and replaced a battery. Battery Service costs about 30 percent of the cost of the new MacBook Pro, but I got new battery, new keyboard and new top part of the case which was OK after 3 years of extensive use, but showed some minor signs of wear.

So I was happy with the repair job.

Installing new Mac OS

Having had some issues with disc being full all the time, I decided to reinstall everything. It helps me to remove apps I don’t use, keep everything nice and new.

Most of the files were synced through iCloud, OneDrive and Dropbox. I use all of them for different reasons.

Some downloads were moved to the external HDD Drive, all apps are either purchased through App Store or downloaded from official developers websites. So I was calm about everything being stored, synced and on-demand.

But apparently Bear has different approach. If you don’t purchase Bear Pro, notes are kept locally. You probably can back them up manually, but who is used to do that these days? Of course it is my fault, and I understand that they need to sell subscription to keep the lights on.

But, it would be nice to have an option of backing up / storing content on an iCloud with the push of a button, as most of the people like myself are just used to it. Or maybe it is a good idea to constantly show a reminder about notes being stored locally and therefore not backed up anywhere.

Anyway, this is definitely a design flaw. I lost all my Bear notes, and that just makes me sad. So I will either move to Evernote which is sadly not that nice to use, but which allows up to 2 devices on a Basic Account. Or maybe I will use Apple’s Notes app.

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