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Keeping your files organized — Muy importante

This post is probably terribly useless, but what it is about is terribly important. I am wondering why I am so lazy to organize (rename, move and delete) files first time I download them?

After moving to my new MacBook I simply can’t find anything. I have about 6 or 7 external hard drives of different capacity. And they all seem to have same files (projects, sites, books) hidden in endless subdirectories.

I recently started to organize my iPhoto library. This is probably the most sensitive information, I believe it is more sensitive and important than some projects, designs and code snippets simply because once lost it can’t be recovered. For the last month or so I’ve been importing same photos (I believe up to 10 copies) from different drives and computers. My iPhoto library is now over 300GB and I simply don’t trust some software to take care of finding and removing duplicates. So I will definitely go through each photo myself and will organize them into events.

But what’s more important, today I promise myself to try and organize everything I am working on, to come up with the structure that will be suitable for all my data and to document what I came up with.