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Twitter Bootstrap for Sass

OK, this is really great news. Twitter Bootstrap is available for Sass. I always found it a bit sad that they stuck with LESS, though I don’t have anything against LESS in particular and the only reason I prefer Sass is because I started learning it on CodeSchool.

So, I was really looking forward to that moment and I even wanted to convert it to Sass myself (dreamed really, I am not good in Sass yet).

Now they’ve converted it to Sass. But how do I use it?

What I didn’t like in Bootstrap.css and in the way I had to build a website around it, was the fact that I had specify default classes to make a grid column or an alert. Now I think I don’t have to, but I really need to try that.

Let’s say I want to make a navigation like navbar.

nav[role="navigation"] > .nav > ul {
	@extend .nav-pills;
	@extend .nav-justified;

Something like that?