Discographies in iTunes Store

Recently, when iTunes Music Store came to Russia, I began to use it for purchasing music. Pretty much everything Apple does is excellent and user-friendly. And iTunes Store is not an exception. Searching music is easy, discovering new music is easy, buying music is also easy… But in small quantities. Thing I really miss is discographies.

I am a big fan of Depeche Mode. I have some of their albums ripped from CDs, I have their recent album Delta Machine purchased from iTunes Store. But being big fan is about having everything. I want to buy every album they officially released, I want to buy every single. I don’t need tributes, I don’t need unofficial remixes, I don’t need their songs from soundtracks, I don’t need mash-ups. All this I can buy if I want to. But I really need a shortcut to buy a discography.

I think it’s not just me who thinks there should be such a feature in iTunes Store. You can buy a complete album (not song by song). It is even cheaper to buy it that way. What’s wrong with discographies?

Depeche Mode in iTunes Store
Depeche Mode in iTunes Store
Depeche Mode Albums in iTunes Store
Depeche Mode Albums and Singles in iTunes Store. You can buy all of them if you want to. Takes a lot of time though…

Please, Apple, please…

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