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I always like useful online tools that can help me with some simple tasks. I actually have some ideas of such tools myself (but most of them are useless).

One of those tasks I (often) need help with is converting HEX to RGB. I don’t know what for, but I do convert HEXs to RGBs on my old web sites when I make some amends to them.

HEX dot Colorrrs dot com


This website is brilliant. Simple and so elegant.

PS. #CD1414 was my favorite color for a while and still is actually.

PPS. Where is fullscreen mode for Safari in Yosemite?

Apple uses Myriad

It took a while for Apple to replace (not replace, but start using) fonts instead of the graphics on their website. And they chose Myriad Pro by Adobe. This is probably one of the most favourite and used font by designers in any website.

But truth be told this font appears in PSDs and looks very nice. But when the website is converted to HTML and CSS Myriad Pro is usually replaced by… Arial. Clients just don’t want to pay for it.

But typography on Apple website looks stunning. I am about an inch away of buying Myriad Pro to put on this and on other Creogen website.