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What About Encrypted Emails?

Long long long (very long) time ago, when I wasn’t even a student (I think, I was 14), when I was using Windows (I think it was Windows 98, not even Windows 2000) I was experimenting with all sorts of stupid stuff.

I remember having email provided by ISP, with a ridiculous 5 MB mailbox size, which was alright back then I guess, cause I was using 56k dialup. Even though I received one email a week, I had The Bat! installed on my PC to work with my email. Back then all web email interfaces were rubbish, even by those standards. But The Bat! allowed me to experiment with email encryption. I think there was a plugin (or even built in capability) of encrypting your outgoing emails and decrypting emails that you receive.

I can’t remember, to be honest, how this all worked, but I think you had to generate two keys, send one of the keys to the person you were communicating with, so that he could assign your key to your email address and encrypt all outgoing emails, so that only you could decrypt those with the second key that you had. It was a pain in the ass, cause I don’t think you could view them after you sent them, so no email history whatsoever.

I might’ve just explained how encryption and decryption works, I might’ve actually explained it wrong (note to myself: Google how this stuff works so that you don’t embarrass yourself next time), but that’s not the point.

I was just wondering, if anybody still uses encrypted emails these days, bearing in mind that governments are spying on us? I know, I can just google that now, but it’s easier to ask (or should I say “send a message out there”, cause I don’t believe anybody is reading my blog). The only reason I am blogging actually is cause I can’t sleep for done reason. Anyway, what about encrypted websites, blogs, forums, messages? Does anybody encrypts anything? Are there some apps out there that do that kind of stuff?