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I recently found out that I was registered on codeschool.com for quite a while now, but it was Dmitry, my close friend and colleague who showed me that website again.

It probably was one of those website with deals that was selling an online course on codeschool with a big discount. Seems like I didn’t buy the course, but registered on the website instead registered to see what’s what. Since that I always wondered who is Dan @ codeschool and what’s he doing in my inbox.

One working evening I saw Dmitry watching a jQuery video and trying some code on a website. This is when I discovered codeschool again.

I took the course jQuery for beginners, which is amazing by the way. And realized that this is what I was always missing. I loved that you can be easily introduced to any programming language and that you can start building something simple from the very first lesson.

I sort of knew and used jQuery before, but that was really a monkey job. I used online documentation, trying to find some functions that will do what I need them to do, which is mainly to make some stuff appear or disappear. After the course I got my head around events, saw how much simple and cleaner my code could be. And these basics made me want to dig deeper, to try and do some more complicated stuff.

This is what online programming or developer courses are all about. When you try to learn a new programming language, especially your first one, the most difficult thing is to start. Most of the books start with variable types and operators, with Hello world! application. This is a bit boring and doesn’t give me a feeling of what I can do.

I need help in setting up the environment. I need someone to show me how I can program stuff, where can I test it.

I wish we had codeschool 15 years ago when I tried to get my head around HTML. It would’ve been much easier if someone has explained me the basics. But instead I was copying HTML code from the websites I liked, was playing with it to see what happens. But it was a while after I understood what this was all about. And this was a book that helped me to dig deeper into the stuff I was beginning to understand.

I realise that this post isn’t very informative, but I just want to encourage everyone who’s thinking about getting some programming skills to give codeschool (or any other online courses for developers) a try. Once you start that way, it’s much easier to continue.

Next thing I would like is to take some similar PHP courses, cause I really want to know the basics to be able to edit and adjust some PHP templates slightly and to see if I want to go any further.