Things to do list

I don’t like term Bucket list, y probably can guess why. Term wishlist doesn’t really fit too. So I would like to write about some things I would love to do in the near future, let’s say next 10 years.

Firstly, I want to see Depeche Mode live. I always wanted to, but I remembered that now because I am watching their Tour of the Universe in Barcelona and it’s touching and inspiring. Knowing that there will be shows in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg next year, I desperately want to be there. Especially because I like their 13th album Delta Machine.

Secondly. I want to go to Formula 1 Gran Prix. Monaco preferrably, but I would say that any Gran Prix will do. I guess I’ll will write a separate post on my favourite tracks, but for now any will do. Would be even better to have a ticket with pitlane and paddock access.

Thirdly. That’s probably the first one I am going to actually achieve. I want to have a supercar day. I would even say, next time I am in Britain, I will have a supercar day. I’ve seen tons of Groupon deals when you can take a supercar for 5 laps for 100 quid or so. Ferrari would be my choice if I have one.

Fourthly. I want to drive an F1 car. I once saw on TV that there is some sort of school in France that lets you drive an F1 car after you’ve done 2-days of training. Back then — it was about 10 years ago — it cost couple thousand euros.

Don’t want to count anymore…

— I want to shoot timelapse video while driving from St. Petersburg to Kazan, multiple angles of course. So I need couple GoPro HERO cameras to mount outside and couple of iPhones that will work like interval camera from inside of the car. I would obviously need to go to Saint Petersburg with my friend Dmitry.

— I want to drive through United States. I will have a route with POIs shortly. But that will be a months journey at least.

— I want to drive up the very very high mountain. 17,200 ft in Andes as Top Gear did is just perfect.

— Well, speaking of Top Gear, I am a big fan of the show. I want to get in, even if I need to fly to UK for that.

— I want to spend a night in some scyscraper hotel. I am thinking 80th floor or higher.

Sounds achievable I would say.

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